1. The Fonlad International Video art and Performance Festival is an event organized by the Videolab Project with the purpose of promoting artistic productions that associate new technology with contemporary art, with a special interess on video art and performance.
2. The Festival is open to all national and international artists who work with video and performance.
3. The Online Digital Festival will occur in July 2023, where all selected worsk will be presented online and screened on a physical space.
4. The main theme of the Festival is free.
5. All who wish to participate may submit their work, with no fee included, by filling in the online form with name, nationality, email address, work title (which should include the title, technique and format) and a synopsis.
6. Each participant may submit more than one work on digital support by filling in a form for each work presented.
7. All work must be submitted on line by May 31, 2023.


8. All videos must be in the following format: MPEG4 (codec H264), 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720. (The work must be available online for public display, and authorized for public display on the Festival online page).
9. By submitting their work, the participants authorize the use of sound and image of the material to be exhibited in the course of Fonlad Festivals shows as well as in partnerships contexts promoted by the Fonlad Festival and the Videolab Project.
10. Once the Fonlad Festival is concluded, the organization will reserve the right to store the work with the purpose of creating a Digital Project Gallery. The submitted works will be included in the Fonlad Festival and Videolab Collection and used in future virtual and non virtual shows, for promoting, including the Videolab MEO Television Channel. The artists will be notified before each presentation of their work. 
11. The participation in any event of the Festival will include the agreement of the rules of submission. Any work who does not agree to the rules will be excluded.
12. Any circumstance omitted in this regulation will be evaluated and considered by the organization of the Festival. For more information, please contact José Vieira: